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Dear English speaking visitors

Dear English speaking visitors,
Welcome to the website of akakom Berlin. In this compressed English version you will find an abstract about the main topics and services of akakom Berlin.

My small business PR-agency “akakom Berlin” offers integrated PR solutions inclusive media for employees and customers.

Inspired by the motto “simply convincing people” akakom Berlin creates

• campaigns, internal branding, multimediamatrix
• corporate storytelling, video- and screenwriting services
• integrated communications, second opinion
• health- and climate communications

The other webpages at this side (sorry but all in German language) give a more precise overview at my work in internal communications.

Another field of activity is publishing about filmmaking and screenwriting especially in the printed magazine "Foto & Video digital".

To be informed about my film training activities in the U.S. please look at the “Weinfieber”-channel in YouTube. There you can find my short movie “Hard Search for the Healing Gas” as well as the two part Chicago-interview with Steve Kaplan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9aD-qWltho who is known as a world famous teacher in comedy screenwriting. Steve Kaplan is interviewed by Harald Dudel from akakom Berlin during his Chicago workshop in November 2010. Steve talks about special conditions of heroe's journey in comedy, the danger of making it too funny and what screenwriters can learn from William Shakespeare.

Your e-mail requests will be answered immediately.

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